Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Our craft day was hugely successful... and as the camera still hasn't appeared, we are without photos. I have left my lovely husband to trawl through the user guide of the new Lumix!

I hope to take some photos of Freddie's and Harry's versions for you.

This is what we did :

  • clay hearts (white, self-hardening clay which we cut out and dried in advance, cosidering the ages of the children). Me and Harry pressed lace and buttons into the hearts for texture and poked holes for threading.

  • pre-cut paper dolls from Hobbycraft, and lots of fabric dresses and decorations cut from my scraps.

  • sweetie rings - using pipecleaners and wrapped toffees and glue. Just a bit of twisting and you are there!

  • biscuit hearts to decorate (made by Michelle) using this recipe Which is fab (I'd forgotten that they do puff up a bit).

  • valentine's cards using beautiful origami hearts and scraps and posting stamp kit from my sister.

I really hope to post some photos of the boys' work soon.

But here's the gorgeous Gus.