Tuesday, 31 July 2012

flamstead scarecrow festival

It is nearly that time of year again...

we have a large amount of newspaper, glue and mess all over the kitchen table as we have just started our scarecrow for the annual festival. It is our first year in the village and the boys have chosen a very child-friendly theme. No clues, yet.

Click here for the village link and more information.

Monday, 30 July 2012

roald dahl museum

Around 30 minutes from us, in Great Missenden, is the Roald Dahl Museum. All 5 of us went yesterday and enjoyed it for the 2nd time. The boys sat in the writer's chair, listened to a storyteller, and LOVED creating their own animation with plastic dinosaurs.

 It shows us what a great, interactive museum could be. Along with plenty of inspiration and writing tools for the authors of the future. Story bags, a craft room, fridges with hundreds of magnetic words. We were in our element!e
We haven't read Matilda together yet... but I would love the musical to be our Christmas/ birthday treat for the boys.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Gus is two!

I have been incredibly tardy with the blogging. Again.

The lovely iphone which I use for photos at the moment has stalled. In that it phones and messages ok... but refuses to send photos for me. And I have not been using the camera for a while. I am a little embarrassed by my lack of technology-knowledge! I have reset the phone a couple of times (after interesting conversations with someone in India), and visited a vodafone store. No luck as yet. I will keep trying.

Anyway - here is another photo to share of the gorgeous Gus. And his oh-so-proud big brothers.

We went quite light on gifts. He has a new stroller and baby doll (thank you to good friends for the latter). A lovely hard book about Jonah. A wooden zigzag car run. A talking and singing soft dog (!) And a super balance bike like this from Granny and Pop.