Wednesday, 28 July 2010

day ten

baby boy gus edward, born 19 july, 2010.

all is going well... thanks for all the kind wishes.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Friday, 16 July 2010

baby quilt

Look at this beautiful quilt that mum is making for the baby. It has such great colours! There are marching animals embroidered on the white strips which are a bit difficult to see in the pic. So much work, but greatly appreciated.

All the grandkids have been lucky enough to get a quilt from granny - and they will be treasured forever.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

waiting for the baby

here I am about to leave for the hospital and my sweep. mmm.

we aren't overdue - just expecting another big baby.

and waiting (finally got keith to take a pic of bump for posterity! nothing like the last minute).

Thursday, 8 July 2010

sewing, again

If you notice the list of blogs to the left, vintage fern is there. The author, Amy, is from Bountiful, in Utah; and she was part of the original charm square swap that inspired me to keep this record. A pattern review of hers was published in Sew Hip and I posted a copy of the magazine to her so she could have a hard copy.
And look what she sent in return! Really gorgeous fabrics, loving the birdie print!
Trying to deal with my procrastinating instinct, I wanted to make something for the baby. I have been lent a perfectly good moses basket... but I thought I'd re-jig the cutesy bear design. And I LOVED the use of black in the patchworks at the V & A. So - ta da!!
Maybe it doesn't say newborn to you... but I am quietly pleased. Keith is not so sure... I think. I used some recycled sheets, too. Yellow for a fitted sheet and brown (very Laura Ashley) sprigged for the back of the little 'blanket' that fits in the middle. The turquoise graphic sent by Amy worked really well as a binding to the black.

To make it, I just cut the old pieces apart and took a pattern from them. Haven't yet broken the news to the owner of the basket...

fred's cinema day

Five friends didn't seem many... that is, until you are at the end of a row trying to 'hush' them all!! (There is on hiding behind the column).

We did have a good time. The film was good - Bedtime Stories - with Adam Sandler. And I had little bags of popcorns and only a few sweets.

Then McD Happy Meal, and home for collection. And Freddie's lovely friends put some money in for a new scooter (to replace to one 'borrowed' from the school playground). They are all fab kids, and you can see, so kind to Harry.

Maybe it was unecessary but both boys have had a special day... leading up to baby-madness.

Friday, 2 July 2010


a few things to report today.

the moo cards arrived, very speedily and they look great. the reverse side has my contact info, and the front has any picture you would like. up to 50 different images can be chosen. they look great. thanks to sew scrumptious for posting this offer - 50 free cards (just pay postage) to be found here.

and had a great parcel from mum full of baby things - especially lovely target and bonds stuff from australia.

and super easy tea this week for the boys and us. chicken drumsticks marinaded all day in tomato sauce, sweet chilli sauce, soy and ginger. do slash through the skin to let it soak up the flavours, and cook at around 180 degrees so they don't get too brown and crispy with all of that sugar in the sauces. the boys love eating the drums like cavemen!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

oooh. a sale.

cox and cox have up to 60 % off their lovely bits at the moment.

i bought one of the jigsaw cookie cutters. but resisted the bird postcards. then added a few bits for the present cupboard. (we seem to have boys' birthdays galore at the moment).