Wednesday, 23 December 2009

jamie's pancakes

yummy and very easy to remember... i challenge you to knock up a batch.
1 cup SR flour
1 cup milk
1 egg
whisk together until smooth, thick batter. add some fruit - we had chopped pears (leave skin on) and sliced bananas.
drop in spoonfuls into melted butter in hot pan. turn when bubbles appear. brown nicely.
serve with golden syrup (the boys' fave) or honey and plain yoghurt (jamie's recommendation - didn't have yoghurt in our house, though). we have stocked up on strawberries and raspberries to try over christmas.

we are still here!

ok, been a bit quiet on the blog front.

still breathing calmly after finishing all orders and fairs.

and coordinated a xmas party for 60 children for harpenden nct last saturday.

just christmas to prepare for, now.

here is snow in high street. i'm sure you've seen the chaos it has been causing...

and the boys went to a proper barber to have very smart haircuts.

off to make jamie oliver's chicken wing gravy (obviously like everyone else, as supermarket nearly out of stock! we took last pack) and shortbread.

Monday, 14 December 2009

memory match

ok. i won't make the 12 days of christmas crafts challenge.... a bit ambitious along with all the other stuff christmas entails. i will do my best to get a few more done this week.

here is a fabric memory match game which i have taken from another blog. i'm afraid once again, i can't remember where so apologies to the original post-er. i kind of drift around the sites and then forget where i've been.

i have made 5 sets, helped by my mother-in-law to finish for a recent stall. they didn't sell, so they are also available on folksy...

Decide how many pieces you want the game to be and use a rotary cutter to gather a pile of squares. mine started at 2 1/2 inches square (to allow for stitiching and pinking). if you are making one set of 20 pieces, you want a pair of 10 different fabrics plus 20 backing squares. also cut 20 squares of fleece or quilt wadding to go in the middle.

Step 2.

Sandwich your pieces - print/fleece/backing fabric. stitch each side with a zig-zag, leaving enough space to pink the edge.

Step 3

Pink the edges, carefully. i knicked a couple and you'll have to go back and re-stitch if this happens.

Step 4

Repeat until you have done the 20 pieces. make a drawstring bag (i added a square patch and a label) and you have the perfect christmas gift for a toddler. the pieces are lovely and soft and easily managable. i think they would wash ok on a gentle cycle, inside the bag... so a game for the duration!

WARNING... this game takes a long time to make if you are making mutliples!! i was up until 12.30. just finishing off the last bits... you know what it is like! i didn't really work it out that i would actually need to sew 100 squares altogether. plus bags. mmm. i would love to make a set in some girly old-fashioned spriggy material, but won't be getting that done before xmas!

Friday, 11 December 2009

upcycle sue ryder auction

the 'bad bunny' is currently at £13.30. a bargain!

the auction is up and running, you have until saturday night to bid for lots of inspired, upcycled items... great bits for xmas.

look at these lovelies.

and my quilt is there, too.

this beautiful set of wrist warmers plus fold-over bag is currently £21.

Friday, 4 December 2009

a sewing project a day

or may be not every day. i have ordered this for myself. i will wrap it up and promise not to look at any of the projects. i promise. that, and 2 more things from folksy. for me!

the tree is up

my less than well little bloke has been asking for the christmas tree to be put up. for days! and yesterday, i had enough energy. the sun is streaming through the window, as we've had a great sunny morning today.

you can see there is a really eclectic assortment of decs here, nothing minimal for our christmas.

the boys love these russian dolls, picked up at the flea, car boots and one from a visit to berlin with my sister years ago. we always misplace a couple of parts but they tend to turn up randomly throughout the year.

Thursday, 3 December 2009


i'm afraid we haven't been well. the boys have had high temps and i panicked enough to get some tamiflu... i have it here be decided they were on the mend. but they have been a bit miserable and i have jsut been, well, plain rubbish.

and a couple of orders need finishing and posting urgently. the boys haven't made it easy to get on with anything. what can i do...harry is at my knee now 'i want to cuddle you...' what option do i have?

this is harry last winter.