Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Not in the bath.. but visiting the beautiful city of Bath. We have had really lovely sunshine on our holiday. And tried some of Sally Nunn's 'famous' buns here in the oldest house in Bath.

And staying in a wonderful farmhouse in Faulkland. I need to grab a picture for the blog, and will do tomorrow.

We enjoyed NT Stourhead and are really appreciating the scenery.

I need to cut out and make up some popp brooches for selling.. but the fresh air means I am done-in by 10pm.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

poppy appeal

I have blogged about my grandfather, my 'Poppy' in the past. He was a really loving and fun man, and known for his bravery during World War ll. He was also the inspiration for the poppyart name.

Inspired by

I have made up some fundraising poppy kits for the appeal. £2 each, they have everything except a needle and cotton to sew your own lasting poppy. And all of the £2 will go straight to the appeal.

I have used vintage buttons that I was given a couple of years ago, scraps of dotty and floral fabric. And some beautiful red wool my mum was given by her friend Kate.

Looking good on my (F&F!) wax jacket, I think. And the act of making up the kits and sewing the brooch has allowed me to re-visit some lovely memories of my Poppy.

Monday, 17 October 2011


I have had such a busy time! Here is one of the new products : a liberty bird which is 'captured' in a machine stitched cage. The backing is green velvet and it is filled with organic lavender.

I hosted a shopping evening at home with a table full of poppyart things. And a house full of 'lovebumble' things. I met a great girl, Anna, who has a small business selling handbags, jewellery and scarves. She has a great eye and somehow manages to keep her prices low. You can find her on facebook.

Anyway, I had a few plates of nibbles plus (quite a lot) of wine on hand. Keith was OUTSTANDING. He sorted the boys, topped drinks and... mingled. While he is very sociable, I was really surprised how he pottered around happily. He did say it was no hardship as the ladies were all lovely. I would have to agree.

Anyway, for an evening of sales it was fantastic! Two times better than anything I have done before. I took lots of orders for aprons to be named in time for Christmas. And the wheatbags and fabric buckets went down a treat.

And Anna's business offers the hostess 15% of her sales to be spent on the great lovebumble range. I did very well.

Thank you to all my visitors.

Monday, 10 October 2011


Here are two custom aprons... those creases are showing up on the linen aren't they?!? I really should have got the iron out...

And also a bit of a labour of love for my beautiful niece Isabella. She is only two but the apron will look lovely hanging somewhere for a year or so! I hand-stitched her name onto the apron and she is a girl who seeems to love her pinks and purples.

These aprons are fantastic. When I visited my sister in Hong Kong a couple of years ago, I visited a manufacturer and designed and ordered children's aprons, adults aprons, doorstops and a couple of other items... all made from really good quality linen. Ready to embellish. And I'm afraid I haven't used that many! A few featured at fairs last year, but I have 200 of each! If you would like to order any, let me know. The aprons have a pocket, a cute key attachment (we use ours for a t-towel) and my red poppyart tag.

Friday, 7 October 2011


We celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary earlier in the year. And of course, we have the three lovely boys. To mark these two moments, I have this beautiful eternity ring. We visited Stephen Einhorn in Islington in London, the jeweller who made our wedding rings and my engagement ring. What a magic everyday reminder of the most important parts of my life. Keith, Freddie, Harry and Gus. x

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

new book!

Keith very kindly picked up a sewing book for me from a commercial shop supply shop.... it was a great (detailed) guide to pattern cutting for children. To be honest, I looked at it and was quite terrified. He was happy to return it and I picked up this from Amazon, instead. Fabulous, straightforward trousers and tshirts for boys. I love making trousers as they are so quick... and this gives me a bit more of a guide. From a great blogger - check out