Wednesday, 30 November 2011

moving day?

All a bit weary here. So thought I would share a photo from mum's albums. Here we are meeting Father Christmas in Shark Bay, Western Australia. We were brought up on a sheep station in the far north of WA. You may have seen this pic before but I haven't anything new at the mo!

Mum made our costumes. I am the slinky flapper. With a cigarette and long, glamorous holder. I remember wanting to have sparkly shoes to go with my finery but had to make do with navy clarks.

We are waiting forever for our house to exchange. Deadlines seem to come and go. And now looking to exchange and complete on the same day - this Friday. A bit fraught here. The day off school with strikes didn't help. But they do have my support. We went to the zoo instead, then Gus couldn't throw himself off the piles of boxes all day.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

school photos

How they have changesd! I remember our school photos - very posed and in our attractive brown and yellow uniform. My brother always seemed to be dressed in a yellow polo necked jumper.

The boys had their's done at school and I have ordered a few for Christmas presents for the grandparents and aunts. I don't know how they managed to get these lovely smiles from H. He is known for his cheeky-teeth clenched grin whenever the camera comes close.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Here is Freddie - kite-flyer. And it was so beautiful on Sunday, we popped to Dunstable Downs for an hour or so. Just magic.

Gus had his first proper outdoor walk (not counting when he raced off after school one day and donked his nose on the tarmac - with all the mums watching.)

And Harry. Well he is just mad - Harry. See my face. 'Let's just get a nice photo, Harry...'

The house is full of half-packed boxes. And washing hanging everywhere. Does anyone else really struggle to get everything packed into boxes that aren't too heavy but have to be full for strength??? and the amount of books we have!!?

Monday, 14 November 2011


I have swapped a few bits in the past. It is great fun...

Here is a decoration which is about to posted to New Zealand.

I finished it off while I had a stall at the St Albans Flea Market. A really nice way to spend the day, I must admit.

And the Market has so many great things... lots of new stalls with truly unique things to buy. The next one there is 11 December. So drop in if you are local.

I sold a few wheatbags and a couple of my lovely linen satchels. Not my busiest day, but worth doing. (not the least as it gave me a moment to breath amidst the packing!)

Thursday, 10 November 2011


we are moving in two (ahhh) weeks. while this has been planned for a while, i think i have been in denial. there is so much to do! see the the picture above : this house (previously a pub!) is chock full of our stuff. it has only been 10 years....

and we will be leaving our beautiful house and our much-loved village. not too far, though. just to the next village. onwards and upwards!

we have a garage sale Saturday to hopefully clear some of the bits and pieces... but there will be still so much to pack over the next couple of weeks. what to do now? how do i make it easier as we get closer to the time? should we live amongst the boxes for two weeks?? any advice?