Friday, 30 March 2012


We were a bit early for our egg hunt but we had visitors and the rugby on. So it was best to keep the kids busy.

Starting with some rectangles of sugar paper, we set the children decorating with felt tip pens. (No paint or glitter today!) Apart from Harry writing 'Gus has a big bum' on his sheet, the kids got right down to it... I think it is the possibility of chocolate which makes any task a winner.

Then I took their sheet and wrapped it around a glass, leaving an over-hang at the end which I taped at the side. Then I enclosed the overhang over the bottom of the glass and taped. Handle strips were stapled on. They weren't the most sturdy of Easter baskets but they did the job.

Me and Harry had hidden plastic eggs aroung the garden. (See our lovely new garden. Sigh!)

(I had bought 3 bags of 12 hollow eggs from Poundland and added small chocolate eggs or haribo sweets to them). It took the children almost no time to find them all - I must making the hiding more difficult next year!

Oops. Gus rips his bag.

March News

I know I have been ridiculously tardy about keeping this blog up and I apologise... if anyone is still reading this, that is. (Note the very cute pics of Gus to keep you sweet).

But it has been eventful. And I decided that I needed to prioritise the family and all that is entails.

We moved to a lovely house in a neighbouring village. And were sad to say goodbye to the White Hart. But now : we have a project for the future, a HUGE garden, close friends already established, the boys at the same school, and great local pubs.

So all good, then.

I haven't been sewing an awful lot. Although, the lovely Coffee Dog (cafe in the Spotted Dog pub) - with the very great Dane in residence - has a display of my crafty things. I added a couple more bunnies recently and they hold smart sunglass/glass cases by me. (how should I express that - 'sunglasses' glasses??)

Anyway, it is onwards and upwards for a funfilled Easter holidays. Lots of free activites, and mum is visiting at the end of April and I am applying for jobs. Phew. Not planning a lot of 'free' time. But off to sew a couple of superhero capes for some imaginative play. Maybe I should be wearing one...