Monday, 14 December 2009

memory match

ok. i won't make the 12 days of christmas crafts challenge.... a bit ambitious along with all the other stuff christmas entails. i will do my best to get a few more done this week.

here is a fabric memory match game which i have taken from another blog. i'm afraid once again, i can't remember where so apologies to the original post-er. i kind of drift around the sites and then forget where i've been.

i have made 5 sets, helped by my mother-in-law to finish for a recent stall. they didn't sell, so they are also available on folksy...

Decide how many pieces you want the game to be and use a rotary cutter to gather a pile of squares. mine started at 2 1/2 inches square (to allow for stitiching and pinking). if you are making one set of 20 pieces, you want a pair of 10 different fabrics plus 20 backing squares. also cut 20 squares of fleece or quilt wadding to go in the middle.

Step 2.

Sandwich your pieces - print/fleece/backing fabric. stitch each side with a zig-zag, leaving enough space to pink the edge.

Step 3

Pink the edges, carefully. i knicked a couple and you'll have to go back and re-stitch if this happens.

Step 4

Repeat until you have done the 20 pieces. make a drawstring bag (i added a square patch and a label) and you have the perfect christmas gift for a toddler. the pieces are lovely and soft and easily managable. i think they would wash ok on a gentle cycle, inside the bag... so a game for the duration!

WARNING... this game takes a long time to make if you are making mutliples!! i was up until 12.30. just finishing off the last bits... you know what it is like! i didn't really work it out that i would actually need to sew 100 squares altogether. plus bags. mmm. i would love to make a set in some girly old-fashioned spriggy material, but won't be getting that done before xmas!

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