Friday, 30 March 2012

March News

I know I have been ridiculously tardy about keeping this blog up and I apologise... if anyone is still reading this, that is. (Note the very cute pics of Gus to keep you sweet).

But it has been eventful. And I decided that I needed to prioritise the family and all that is entails.

We moved to a lovely house in a neighbouring village. And were sad to say goodbye to the White Hart. But now : we have a project for the future, a HUGE garden, close friends already established, the boys at the same school, and great local pubs.

So all good, then.

I haven't been sewing an awful lot. Although, the lovely Coffee Dog (cafe in the Spotted Dog pub) - with the very great Dane in residence - has a display of my crafty things. I added a couple more bunnies recently and they hold smart sunglass/glass cases by me. (how should I express that - 'sunglasses' glasses??)

Anyway, it is onwards and upwards for a funfilled Easter holidays. Lots of free activites, and mum is visiting at the end of April and I am applying for jobs. Phew. Not planning a lot of 'free' time. But off to sew a couple of superhero capes for some imaginative play. Maybe I should be wearing one...

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