Sunday, 10 June 2012


 I have a bit of a battle sometimes to get the boys 'crafty'. In my view, there is nothing nicer than to spend some time making... sewing.. baking... And here are their recent efforts. Outstanding! They loved it and became so involved.
 Freddie chose a large square box that would slot in nicely to the Expedit IKEA unit in their room. And made a room. Sisal carpet on the floor, stripy wallpaper. Hanging pictures from old photos and the window cut-outs. Some electrical tape came in handy to 'finish off' the edges and frame the pictures.
Harry was always definite about doing a castle. (There is a body there on the right hand side - fallen from the turret during a bloody battle.) Harry also painstakingly made gunpowder barrels from stacked bottle tops, again wrapped in the electrical tape. All his own ideas.

I put the success of this down to the boys being able to envisage a final product - and the idea from this book. DIY Kids. The projects here are done by children, and this helped the boys have a real vision of what they could achieve - one that wasn't 'adult'.

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