Friday, 20 July 2012

Gus is two!

I have been incredibly tardy with the blogging. Again.

The lovely iphone which I use for photos at the moment has stalled. In that it phones and messages ok... but refuses to send photos for me. And I have not been using the camera for a while. I am a little embarrassed by my lack of technology-knowledge! I have reset the phone a couple of times (after interesting conversations with someone in India), and visited a vodafone store. No luck as yet. I will keep trying.

Anyway - here is another photo to share of the gorgeous Gus. And his oh-so-proud big brothers.

We went quite light on gifts. He has a new stroller and baby doll (thank you to good friends for the latter). A lovely hard book about Jonah. A wooden zigzag car run. A talking and singing soft dog (!) And a super balance bike like this from Granny and Pop.

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