Wednesday, 15 August 2012

slip cover

We have a good quality sofa we bought before we had the boys. It is goldy-cream at one time in its life, now sporting lots of stains. I didn't want to dump it so have been looking at various options to recover it. And ... drum roll ... TA DA!

It wasn't the easiest thing to choose fabric/ agree with husband/ stop procrastinating/ cut fabric/ piece together. But we are thrilled. And I'm just a bit proud of my efforts.

We went here. There were some beautiful designer fabrics at £6.99 a metre. Plus amazing linens... very tempting. You have to go with an open mind as to what might work. There are rooms and rooms of fabrics - many incredibly good quality. We both loved the 100% wool tweed but need washable cotton. I was sooo tempted with a Liberty bottle green large scale design - but had to let it go as the colour was wrong. (At £6.99 I will probably be thinking about it for years!) Do you do that? Think back to what might have been.... 

We combined the Designers Guild wavy print with this bold woven stripe. I cut out generous pieces using the current cushions and base before prewashing everything. There are various guides online if you want to do your own slipcover. I found I needed extra fabric so I could line up the pattern - and would probably go for a solid cover to save that complication.

 We visited Stockwood Discovery Centre with some great friends this week. And a very talented man drew the boys. Fab! £2 well spent.

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