Tuesday, 2 February 2010

dunstable downs

It has been so cold here! I spend the day in (cheaper version) Ugg boots and 2 cardigans and a big scarf. And that is just inside the house. I have to be honest, I find it hard to get outside for the usual activities to keep the boys busy. But we drag ourselves out as much as possible.

Five minutes away from us, we have the beautiful (wild and cold) Dunstable Downs. It is always resplendent with kites flying, gliders and even paragliders. There is a really clever and modern National Trust Centre for a bit of shelter and hot chocolate.

The boys did brilliantly on Sunday and we all scootered (yep, I have one!) quite a way. There are surfaced paths, so it isn't a problem for scooters, bikes and buggies. There is a small fee for parking, or it is free for NT members. Have a visit!

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