Tuesday, 2 February 2010

paper baskets

I have just got around to emailing a (very) quick craft to our local NCT magazine - Small Talk - for the Harpenden and District Branch. It is embarrassingly simple... that is if I have explained myself correctly!

This craft would be fine to do with children from around 2 years old... and would make great party bags or Easter baskets.
Here are a few paper baskets lined up... looking slightly wonky...the bunting is just triangles of wrapping paper threaded onto string (use tape to secure on the back).
Step 1:

Wrap a rectangle of paper around an upside down plastic cup. Leave a bit of excess at the top. Secure it with tape. (Notice the decorative zigzag trim... I should really get some paper pinking shears. As it is, I can't bear to use my fabric scissors).

Step 2:
Wrap/ fold over the top to make the basket base. Secure with tape.

Step 3:

Add a paper handle before decorating with felt tip pens, stickers, paper flowers... there are endless possibilities. You can always decorate the paper before making the basket.

If you change the size of the paper and cup you have endless possibilities. And try different papers : newspaper or wrapping paper looks nice. I have an old road atlas I want to use, too. Now where is it??

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