Friday, 2 July 2010


a few things to report today.

the moo cards arrived, very speedily and they look great. the reverse side has my contact info, and the front has any picture you would like. up to 50 different images can be chosen. they look great. thanks to sew scrumptious for posting this offer - 50 free cards (just pay postage) to be found here.

and had a great parcel from mum full of baby things - especially lovely target and bonds stuff from australia.

and super easy tea this week for the boys and us. chicken drumsticks marinaded all day in tomato sauce, sweet chilli sauce, soy and ginger. do slash through the skin to let it soak up the flavours, and cook at around 180 degrees so they don't get too brown and crispy with all of that sugar in the sauces. the boys love eating the drums like cavemen!

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