Monday, 10 October 2011


Here are two custom aprons... those creases are showing up on the linen aren't they?!? I really should have got the iron out...

And also a bit of a labour of love for my beautiful niece Isabella. She is only two but the apron will look lovely hanging somewhere for a year or so! I hand-stitched her name onto the apron and she is a girl who seeems to love her pinks and purples.

These aprons are fantastic. When I visited my sister in Hong Kong a couple of years ago, I visited a manufacturer and designed and ordered children's aprons, adults aprons, doorstops and a couple of other items... all made from really good quality linen. Ready to embellish. And I'm afraid I haven't used that many! A few featured at fairs last year, but I have 200 of each! If you would like to order any, let me know. The aprons have a pocket, a cute key attachment (we use ours for a t-towel) and my red poppyart tag.

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