Wednesday, 30 May 2012

just around the house

 Here is one of the two lovely new shades we have bought for the lounge. Every purchase is being made carefully... we looked and looked for what we needed. Not too small, short enough to hang, simple...not too difficult, you would think. Even Ikea - where we have bought some faves - let us down.

We came across this option on ebay. Perfect! A basic drum shade can be covered in anything you like, but there are lots of great options. The pricing is very reasonable, we also bought the specially fitted 'diffuser' that sits underneath for each shade - total £40 each. Much much less than anything designer we had seen on the scale. (The diameter is 45 cm). The quality is excellent and we are really happy with our orange textured wallpaper choice from the stock. It picks up the orange from our favourite picture - a large canvas from an aboriginal artist, Margaret Scobie.

Also around the house... many lego models. I thought I'd share this with you :

 Of course, it is a lego ambulance for looking after injured people. With a radiator under the patient's head to 'keep him warm'. The spare helmets are for emergencies I think. From Harry.

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