Tuesday, 17 November 2009

mini 'needles and pins'

Just back from Centreparks last night and thought you would be ready for a super-easy and practical gift to make. Well I think it would be a handy stocking filler, anyway. If you want to keep just a couple of sewing bits handy - in the kitchen drawer maybe - this is the thing. And for me, a chance to use some lovely Japanese prints because their small scale can be highlighted. Finally - that gorgeous bambi is centre stage!
This is my mini 'needles and pins'.
step 1
Choose your fabric and cut rectangles of 8cm X 14cms from your feature fabric, stiffening and lining fabric. Also cut 1 piece of felt 5cm X 7 1/2cm.
step 2
Centre your felt piece on top of your lining fabric and stiffening fabric. Pin and then sew a straight stitch down the middle. Do try and line it up properly as the item is so small, any wonkiness is noticable... (yep I did unpick a couple, and I even used a pale stripe for my lining!)
step 3
Place your feature fabric on top of the layers you've joined together, face down. Stitch all the way around the edge with a narrow seam. I find it neat and easy to do this and then go back and unpick a small space to turn it the right way. If you prefer, leave a small gap for turning.
step 4
Clip corners before you turn to keep them sharp.
step 5
Once your case is the right way around, use a chopstick or similar to poke out the corners into sharp edges, and close the space with tiny stitches. Give it a firm iron. Watch out for the content of your felt as it can melt - wool is best! Or iron face down.
step 6
Add 3 needles, a few pins and different sized safety pins as well. You could alway include some mini cotton reels with your gift.
I have these on my stall, although at there first outing last Thursday, they weren't a big hit! I will keep you posted if this changes...
I first saw some mini needlecases like this, termed 'housewifes' on the the beautiful tiny happy blog. Click onto the link on the left to have a look.

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