Monday, 30 November 2009

sue ryder upcycle

like many others, i was inspired to whip something up for the sue ryder competition on folksy. it is a really nice way to do something creative for charity. i have made a small floor quilt. it would be brilliant for babies with its lovely patterns and textures.

i started with a pair of holly hobby curtains, and added a mix of upcycled floral sheets, some of the fab candlewick bedspread (which is still going!) and and embroidered tray cloth. the holly hobby print reminds me of my creative aunt who gave my sister and i pretty cushions with that image one year for christmas. and i had to choose patchwork as it was katy with her charm quilt swap which really inspired my crafting.
i cut all my squares and laid them down on a couple of large pieces of iron-on interfacing. once ironed down, i stitched them together down the columns and then across the rows. the process was explained somewhere in cyberland, but i'm afraid i can't find it!

anyway, i finished the quilt with an upcycled sheet and wide binding of holly hobby fabric. i toyed with the idea of tieing the squares with japanese-style knots but decided against it in case some came loose and were swallowed by before mentioned baby!

i am really please with the finished product. i have taken extra care with my sewing and believe the fabric combination to be really beautiful.

the quilt is listed here . the auction starts in the next week and you can buy it (and vote for it!) soon. all proceeds to the sue ryder cancer charity.


  1. This brings back memories, I had the same curtains in my bedroom when I was little girl! I love the quilt, I am just learning to use a sewing machine, I hope I can make something like this one day. Thanks for the inspiration!
    I am just visiting your blog from folksy.
    Lynsey x

  2. thanks lynsey. you should definitely try the 'laying it all down on interfacing' approach. it keeps the lines tidy and is quick! bridgetx