Monday, 11 January 2010

giveaway and playdough (!)

Sew Scrumptious has a lovely blog and she is giving away a beautiful fleece blanket suitable for a baby or toddler. Very soft and cuddly! I have put my name down for a pink one for the cuddly Isabella (my 3 month old niece). Have a look.

We bought this kit before Christmas... and took it along to Centreparks to provide a little entertainment. It is fantastic. You wouln't believe how long it keeps the boys busy! Oh, and me. I love making teeny tiny banana splits. And it involves food, so much loved by Freddie in particular. It has come out a few times with this staying-in weather we've been having.

It was on offer if you buy two sets (both don't have to be the snack bar option) so worked out quite reasonably... and came from Toys 'r us (a place I usually manage to avoid!)

Included are : lettuce press, tomato press (!), onion ring press, waffle iron thingy, knife, little sundae/spilt bowls plus tiny sectioned plates like you would have with school dinners. Freddie is often seen cutting up the pressed vegetables into 'salad'. And making peas. The play dough colours are suitable so it all looks realistic.

Whew - after that promotion, I need a rest.

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