Sunday, 3 January 2010

two birthdays!

Born on the 28th Dec, Freddie is 5 already! And Harry turned 3 on the 29th. They are getting so grown up. Being so close to Christmas, I'm afraid the birthdays are quite low key and we have a summer party. We try to make it all a bit special but am I alone in bemoaning the HUGE quantities of presents we seem to have?? I am trying to encourage some proper appreciation, and we do space them out. Mum and her husband John bought the boys a great scooter and marble run earlier in the year and it really gave them a chance to take notice of the gifts.

Oh well. it was our poor planning, anyway!

Freddie had a Ben 10 cake, which Harry promptly ate all the icing off. Then Harry enjoyed bought cupcakes which I glittered and iced with jellybeans. There just didn't seem to be time for homemade cakes.

We had a brilliant day on the 29th in London, visiting Hamley's, watching the Gruffalo at the Apollo and Haagan Daas (?) Busaba was a fave - with sweet/spicy noodles for the boys and head clearing curry for us. Here they are with obscene amounts of icecream.

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