Thursday, 21 January 2010


I can't seem to gather much energy at the moment, but here is an update from the household.

1. tonight we made banoffee pies with leftover shortcrust pastry.
  • Cook some pastry shells in the oven and let them cool. Slop on some magic dulce de leche - straight from a carnation tin! Whip up cream before throwing in sliced bananas (Freddie sliced and slopped). Dollop cream mixture on the top. Luckily there was only enough pastry for four small pies or we may have been overwhelmed by the excessive (and addictive) sweetness.

2. general boyish hi-jinks at bathtime.

3. and a scene from Tuesday night. Keith was out for a curry and I gathered a few village-girls for an impromptu pizza night. It was very casual - I made a big salad, the lovely Dawn brought along a watermelon and all brought drinks. I picked up a few pizzas (Pizza Express ones from Tesco are very nice in case you are wondering) and we collected £41.50 for Haiti. Just off to donate it now. The evening was lovely, it is nice to relax without children interrupting and we had a good giggle.

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