Monday, 12 September 2011


We took part in the giant Monopoly in St Albans yesterday. It was brilliant! A board gave us a route of around 2.5 kms to follow (a 4km one was available too) and we visited historic spots on a special trail.

What a fabulous idea! The family was able to see quite a bit of St Albans and even gain access to the jail under the courthouse in the Town Hall. We were a bit tight on time, so didn't get around everything - there were activities, too. One stop by the Cathedral featured a gentleman who had made (yes, made!) 20 or so wooden games and puzzles to encourage problem solving. We were there for AGES. Had to tear Keith away, too.

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  1. Hey Bridget we did it too. It was great!! We did it last year and will def be there next year!! We took a long lunch break at Zizis!! Which kept our energy levels up! The last hill back was tough but we made it round- all six of us.
    Love Dan x