Wednesday, 19 October 2011

poppy appeal

I have blogged about my grandfather, my 'Poppy' in the past. He was a really loving and fun man, and known for his bravery during World War ll. He was also the inspiration for the poppyart name.

Inspired by

I have made up some fundraising poppy kits for the appeal. £2 each, they have everything except a needle and cotton to sew your own lasting poppy. And all of the £2 will go straight to the appeal.

I have used vintage buttons that I was given a couple of years ago, scraps of dotty and floral fabric. And some beautiful red wool my mum was given by her friend Kate.

Looking good on my (F&F!) wax jacket, I think. And the act of making up the kits and sewing the brooch has allowed me to re-visit some lovely memories of my Poppy.

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  1. What a beautiful idea, Bridget!
    Didn't we just have the best Poppy ever. I have so many beautiful memories of Poppy. xxx