Wednesday, 2 September 2009

I have ventured into blogspot territory

I knew I had to give it a go... but I now have a blogspot address. The accompanying blog to my website has been great, I hope you have enjoyed reading it... but to be honest, it is a bit slow and was a bit limiting. I am hoping to help with Search Engine Optimisation (stuff) as well as increasing my hits (!) Or something!

I will leave my posts up on the website so have a look if you haven't ventured there. I have photos and a recent recipe for blackberry cake. worth a look!

Lots going on.. Flea market at St Albans tomorrow and Baby Show Alban Arena on Saturday. This is a proper exhibition, a big deal for me.

I am madly sewing more bibs, bunting and pouches... come one and all. Invite all of your friends and their babies!!

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