Tuesday, 29 September 2009

paris day two

OK. Now here is where things start to unravel a bit.

During the night, my watch stopped. And we had the curtains drawn in our triple room and the window closed. And I had one of those disturbed sleeps you get in hotel rooms... and we overslept until 10am! The time I was supposed to meet the lovely Katy from http://sycamorestirrings.blogspot.com/.

I splashed some water on my face and sped across Paris (which sounds kind of romantic... it wasn't - just stressful!). I got to Laduree about an hour late. mmm. Needless to say, I missed Katy. I am so disappointed with myself, and really grateful that Katy was understanding when I emailed... and I lost pretty much the whole morning in Paris.

I did however, get to sample the delights of Laduree.. and brought a beautiful box of macaroons home. They are crispy on the outside/ soft in the middle delicate biscuits with divine flavours like orange bergamot and citron.

The boys have been asking for more of the 'special biscuits' but I'm afraid I have been rationing them.
Today Karlee and Felicity flew home to Australia. It has been a FANTASTIC visit. Karlee is such a brilliant mum and the two are such good friends. It has been fantastic to have them here, we all enjoyed it. (Harry kept saying, as we waved goodbye, 'I want to go with them...' Lots of love and hugs to you both, thanks for staying with us. XXX

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