Tuesday, 22 June 2010

party bags

we have had a summer party for freddie and harry for the last two years. their birthdays are the 28th and 29th dec. (!!??) so it has been nice to celebrate with them in good weather with some time to prepare.

but with the baby coming soon, we are having two small days out to give each a bit of attention.

freddie is off to the cinema with 5 others... £1 showings on the weekend... then probably pizza hut.

and harry has 3 friends coming to the small farm just near us.

this is harry's party bag assortment. i visited poundland and dunstable discount. great fun! the latter had some plain coloured sheets of paper which i folded and ironed before stitching into a little booklet with a strip of fabric on the outer. i remember mum doing this for us with waste paper and a zigzag stitch. if i was doing it again, i would take a bit more time... find my pinking shears and cut an outer piece of fabric the same size at the sheets. you can see a stack of booklets to the left - there is one each for both groups.

included in the see-through plastic wallets (depending on the group) are : haribo sweets, pen/ toy story stamper felt tip, plastic recorder, glow bracelet, badge, teeny dinosaurs, lei, chewy sweet, kinder hippo, balloon.

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