Tuesday, 22 June 2010

v a

I made it to the quilt exhibition! hurray.

and it was fabulous. great to be inspired and awestruck by the hard work involved. the historic quilts were favourites, plus one from the inmates of wandsworth prison.

plus the v & a was lovely. for some reason, i'd never been in the cafe before and was surprised by how beautiful it was with some very romantic tile-images. and lovely food, too! here was lunch - pastrami bagel. mmm. (note glass of milk - horrible heartburn with everything at the moment).

and i probably don't need to write about what great stuff was in the gift shop. half a dozen fat quarters later... and a badge maker plus book, plus tea towels...
i didn't tackle anything else that day. just straight in on the train/ tube to south kensington and back home.
i am feeling the weight of the baby, now. and it is count down. three weeks, here we go.

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