Thursday, 10 June 2010

wardown park

We finished off the half term with a lovely day together, me and the boys. It is so nice to make good use of a local park, right in the centre of Luton. It was bought by the council in Victorian times, has lots of geese and ducks for feeding, a kiosk for snacks and a free museum (regular exhibitions link the the town's car-making heritage and lacemaking).

There is a visiting 'squashy sculpture' exhibition and there are two extra large pods to explore. The boys love them! In we climbed, speakers were inside one sculpture and it created a really womb-like space. I imagine the baby would feel the same way.
Here we are, photo taken by another visitor... I don't look pregnant at all here. I promise you I am - really feeling the 34 weeks now!

The boys made some 'squashy sculptures' of their own in the craft room - using playdough, buttons, bubble wrap and pipecleaners. Any craft we've done here has been super, £1 each child and ALWAYS much more than cutting and pasting. Harry won the competition and we took home a a little bug kit - yet to be tackled.

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