Thursday, 10 June 2010

roald dahl museum and blenheim palace

We are around 40 minutes from a beautiful town called Great Missenden. Here is where the late, great Roald Dahl lived. And where you can visit a special museum. These fab petrol pumps are on the High Street.

The boys are in hysterics as we bought some farty sounding putty from the gift shop. Hours of fun.

Inside the museum there is so much to inspire. For me as an English teacher, and of course the boys, too! Here Freddie is with one of the story bags... items linked with some of Dahl's famous novels.

Harry has just been sitting in the actual chair used by Roald Dahl for his writing. He would vanish off to a separate building with his thermos, lead pencils and a specially taped up cardboard barrel resting on his knee to write comfortably.
There was an emphasis on the process of writing for the kids - getting ideas together, creating heroes and villians and developing plot. Perfect for a school trip. I loved it! And although Freddie got the most out of it, still there was stuff for Harry to enjoy.

And the other weekend-day we had was at Blenheim Palace for brother Jon's triathalon effort. Well done to him! We were there with his Alina and the gorgeous baby Isabella...


  1. The museum looks very interesting. I have never been to Blenheim Palace. Must put it on my 'to visit' list

  2. it is so beautiful inside... quite a bit of churchill info plus his intriguing ancestors. and woodstock is a really lovely village - just down the road. although we just watched the triathalon this time, i wandered for ages with mum on one of her visits to the uk.