Thursday, 12 April 2012

fred's sewing

Freddie is missing one of his little mate's birthday parties this weekend. He is so we have the lovely Isaiah and his brother Reuben over today.

It will be busy but as the boys are the same age as our two, they do have fun. I have pizza dough rising on the side ready to make up for their lunch. That should take up a few minutes. Plus most of the time out in the garden and all will be good.

And Fred sewed this drawstring bag to go with the 'Crazee beans' (!) for Isaiah's birthday present. I love this wood grain fabric from Ikea.

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  1. Freddie, that is really good. You and Alexandra will have to get together and have a sewing bee. Alex has made a little patchwork for Isabella, just a tiny one for a little doll or an animal. She chose the fabric out of my fabric cupboard and put them together and then very carefully sewed them, with Granny on hand to help with the needle threading and the sorting of a few cobbles. Love from granny