Friday, 9 April 2010

guinea pigs

here the boys are in warwick, over easter. harry sporting his 'new' glasses. sorry it has taken so long to post this sweet little - professor face!

and we have been looking after owen and eddie while their family is on holiday for the week. great names for pets - after friends from school!

the boys have been over the moon! freddie was up at 5.45 (!) wanting to go down and see them this morning. i let him out the back door at 6.45, on the proviso that he would say hello but not let them out. hmmmm.

after about 5 separate attempts, i got them into their outside run.

proving to be a little mischievous, these two. but lots of fun.

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  1. Hi Just wanted to say Hi. My friend Claire and I had a stall at the Vintage fair today in St Albans, think Claire popped over to talk but I didn't get chance. You have lots of lovely lovely things!
    Hope you had a good day and I hope to catch you next time.