Thursday, 29 April 2010

new items

finally. i have updated my website. here are some new things for the stalls on saturday and monday.
i have the lovely linen satchels... great for holding the inevitable collections the boys seem to have. plus linen children's aprons.

i have ordered these items from shenzen in china. i went across on my last visit to my sister in hong kong and met up with the company and designed four items. to be honest, it was all a bit stressful! not from that end, more in terms of getting the stuff from felixstowe in the UK to here! and a bit more expensive than what i budgeted for! so while the unit cost is fine, and i knew the transporting costs from china, the charges in the uk were more than hefty.
anyway, i am adding an applique detail to the items, and am really pleased with the finished product. the quality is excellent - lovely linen, strong zip in the satchel. even a great towel-clip on the children's apron.
the ladies' apron is also lovely but my pregnant tummy doesn't do it justice at the moment and as it looks nothing on a coathanger... i need a model.

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