Monday, 26 April 2010


This unrelated image is a sneak preview of one of my satchels... embellished with a dinosaur, ready to appear at Kimpton and Markyate Fairs. (See previous post details).

I always said I would struggle to teach primary school... thinking they would be a bit needy and clingy compared to my secondary English classes. But find that they are pretty sweet!

I have picked up quite a lot of suppply teaching lately (except for school hols of course!) and have really enjoyed some groups especially. I had one of those days today. Really lovely kids, needing reminders to listen as expected, but generally fine.

And I got to launch into some familiar ground while covering non-fiction texts.

I go in armed with stickers, lots of praise and try and get a grasp on students' names immediately. It isn't always successful, mind you.

I wanted to tackle a few schools - expecting to get jobs in secondary - before popping out baby number three. I had a bit of a panic thinking that it may be nearly a decade between classes (!) But the predominent work seems to be in primary schools around here. I think the reason for this is that secondary schools keep their own cover teachers on the books themselves, saving on agency fees I guess. Anyway, I am thinking a month or so with the two days a week I am currently doing and I will feel ready to put away the whiteboard markers for the time being.

And what a job teaching is! Full of surprises, no two days are the same, it is creative... and lots of hard work. I would recommend it to anyone.

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