Thursday, 1 April 2010

lamingtons and anzacs

Freddie's school has had a fabulous community week. thanks to a lot of hard work from the teachers and parents, the children have had visitors and international tastings and community involvement. busy with some challenging (!) supply teaching, i sent along some Australian food. i did plan on posting the lamington process but wouldn't honestly recommend making them!! oh my goodness! what a phaff...

lamingtons are really popular for fundraisers at schools in Australia and are squares of sponge coated in chocolate icing and then coconut.

here they are in the tin, for Fred to take in - note the sponge WITHOUT coconut... i ran out at around 9pm.

look at how organised i am.. it all looks so tidy, ready to go.

this is the first piece of sponge, broken in the icing. (before you ask, yes i did leave the sponge in the fridge overnight to firm up... maybe two days is better.)

and it all became this rather quickly.

The ANZAC biscuits were much more straightforward... easy oat/butter/golden syrup stirred together and baked. do try them! anzac recipe

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  1. Oh Bridget dear!
    I did warn you lamingtons are a pain the neck, I remember the same sloppy thing happening. Let the darm sponge go stale on the bench and then coat it with chocolate icing (sparingly!), and basic "making of lamington rule" check whether you have enough coconut!!! You want to try volunteering for a lamington drive!
    You should see my cinnamon buns I made today. The caramel glaze wouldn't caramelise so I popped over to the computer for a minute and the next thing the kitchen was a mass of smoke! Buns were okay without the glaze anyway.

    Love Mum