Friday, 2 April 2010

t-shirts for boys

I can get a little disappointed with the ranges of clothes around for boys... i like bright colours and stripes. i tend to avoid beige and sludgy colours and logos. (saying that we haven't avoided Ben10 totally!! i keep telling myself...'it's not about me, it's about the boys.' yeah right!)

i found this site via mumsnet. ksbkidswow! and great prices, too. there are lots of lovelies for girls including really sweet stripey leggings.

here is the package which arrived last week... orange and purple long sleeved tops (sale - £6 each) and short sleeved green and navy (£8).

and here are the boys in the bath with goggles. i was chatting to another mum at swimming lessons can't rave enough about kids and goggles. if you have trouble with your children getting water in their eyes, try goggles and get them used to wearing them with bath-play. the boys have come on so far... and Fred was so anti-splashing before!

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