Wednesday, 5 May 2010

and a weekend round-up... part one

Not exactly quiet. I have thought a few times that maybe we try and cram a bit too much into the long weekends. And I am really feeling the pressure of being 28 weeks expecting at the moment!

Any way. First event was the craft fair in the beautiful village of Kimpton. Everyone seemed to be out (even in the not-so-good weather). The fair was set up in the school hall, a very sensible alternative to the field (!??). And the fabric buckets went really well. I need to get sewing again...

Here is my stall. And yes, I do need to iron that poppyart banner.

Sunday we headed to celtic harmony, as mentioned in an earlier blog post. It was fab. But freezing. Lots to do - a whistle made from sycamore, a rhythm stick, storytelling in the round house, a green man appearing from the woods and the winter witch captured. All the adventures of an iron age village. And some apple pressing! But very cold... did I mention that?

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  1. Hi, it was great to meet you on Saturday, hopefully will bump into you again at a future event! I've had fun reading through your blog, so, lovely to hear talk of Markyate! Paula