Thursday, 13 May 2010

art projects for kids

I saw this website an age ago... and loved it. Subsequently it was forgotton. But what a great resource for parents. There are all sorts of ideas, which will be loved by boys and girls alike. I am looking forward to trying this fortress-like image with Freddie.

Take a look yourself, here.

I am really feeling 29 weeks (eek) pregnant at the moment. Tiredness setting in. Managed to get to the pool this morning for the first time in ages, and I find it really helps with my sore legs - veins once again really painful.
And it is still full steam ahead for the Robbie Williams Tribute night fundraiser at the school tomorrow night. I was hoping to be around for set up during the day, but all of a sudden, there is hair, swimming lesson for Harry, house to get ready, plus usual pickups to do. There will be little time left...
I have a nice surprise for Keith's birthday on Saturday, will let you know how it goes.
I think it is another early night for me now. X

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  1. Thanks for popping over to say hi :) nice to meet you! I found swimming really helps too, and of course the early nights!