Monday, 10 May 2010


I have heard about orienteering, geo-caching and all sorts of other map-reading type activities before. Was not 100% on what what they actually involved....

And I rashly suggested that something like that would be a fun fundraising/ sport-related day for school. There are regular events in Hertfordshire... you can check them out at happyherts.

Unfortunately, Freddie's swimming lesson times have recently changed, so when I wanted to have a look, it was just Harry and me. But what a brilliant, well-organised thing to do! You pay a small fee, hire an electronic 'dibber', are given a map and helpful advice. Then you head around a course, beeping in at allocated points.

We did the very easy 'white' route. But there were more serious orienteerers (?) who raced around with a compass and followed other routes. There were 4 stages of difficulty.

This event was hosted in Highfield Park, very local to us in St Albans. There is also a set course at Rothamstead Park in Harpenden, just a matter of buying a map from the Leisure Centre apparently. That will be the next stop, I think.

Harry loved the interactive nature and the beeping (!), spotting the flagged points was great fun and off he would trot.

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  1. Hi there
    Just popped by to say hello and thanks for your comment. I have never got into the orienteering lark, though my son did it at school. You sound as though you and Harry had lots of fun.