Thursday, 20 May 2010

small scrape

A couple of weeks ago I passed my 'life in the UK' test. Hurray! I can now go through the pile of forms to apply for British citizenship. Useful, it would be. And I do appreciate being here in the UK... I also feel I contribute to the society in my own special way. I just have to suss out the £735 it costs to go through to the next step. Right then...

Anyway, as I was taking my test, I parked up outside the Co-op in Luton. And someone scraped the car. As we are in the market for a new car - one that will actually fit 3 car seats across the back - I just thought 'bugger'. And then I saw a hand written note on the windscreen. The fellow human being had left her details. Ahhh. it restores your faith.

Or maybe it is karma for that car I dented at Tesco's in Hatfield, left the note and then coughed up around £160!

Either way, we can get the car sorted in case it is used for the trading up... although how rubbish are the trade-in offers??? For a great '04 SMax it seems so little.

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