Wednesday, 5 May 2010

the weekend... part 2

On Monday we had our Markyate May Fayre. The pics are from the school's 'Peter Pan' themed walking float. I have had a stall at the fayre for a couple of years now, and it is usually well attended. Ahh but the weather this year!! Ominous looking rain clouds could be handled but the gusts of wind were impossible.

After setting up 3 separate times, I gave up. Bundled the, now broken, gazebo into the car. Caught the flying bibs. And shook off the dirty aprons. And it all went away in a rather haphazard fashion.

But what a disheartening afternoon! It was physically really tiring to sort out the table and gazebo, it meant (only a little) money wasted for the table but a fair bit of organisation to make sure the boys were sorted for the afternoon without me. Mmmm.

So I joined the boys and Keith. And manned the school cake stall for a while. (Our offering is always a great hit - search for Nigella's Rocky Road and give it a go - we always add sweets for that extra appeal). And chatted to lots of the lovely people who make the village so special.

Thanks so much to the Diggines boys for sharing thier croc costume for Freddie and pirate accessories Harry. We did find the missing swords... I'd put them away safely, probably after too much 'play'!

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