Saturday, 22 May 2010

george pig

Harry-bloke doesn't get quite the number of invitations to parties as his older brother... it's a second child thing, I think. But he is off to Alfie's party in the village today. And I have added George Pig onto one of my linen apron.

It is an idea that seemed a good one at the beginning. But as I progressed onto machine stitching tiny eyes and getting knotted thread, I had second thoughts.

It still came out nicely, and makes a great gift for a little boy who likes Peppa. The other favourite is Chuggington, but I looked at the trains and despaired over the amount of lines and control I would need. So George it is. I think the gingham dinosaur looks great.

Beautiful sunny day today, and for tomorrow. Off to a National Trust property after the party and Freddie's swimming lesson. I will let you know which one we choose. x

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