Friday, 28 May 2010

I am back!

I had a bit of enforced rest at Luton and Dunstable Hospital from Sunday... 2 1/2 days of feet up. No major drama but they were concerned about a calf cramp which was lingering so wanted to check for DVT (!!) All clear now after an ultrasound on my leg. Here is a fetching photo of my support socks (note the smart pedicure from champneys poking through)...

I got through nearly 2 novels, and some mags from the lovely husband. And it gave me the impetus to get on and get the bag ready. After poor Keith had to hunt far and wide in the house for the essential kit.
And then I had a lovely day in St A getting a few bits and pieces, including some new clothes for the baby. Inspired by the birthday gift we had for Keith, there is this... how cool?

Plus these (not the easiest to find unisex stuff...)

So all is well back home. The boys are little treasures and hugely thankful to Keith's mum and dad for coming straight down at short notice to hold the fort.
My challenge now is to elevate the legs as much as possible and rest. mmmm. Easier said than done, methinks.
I met some lovely mums in hospital. Hi to Kelly if you are logging on... I would love to catch up at some stage. Make sure you try and rest, too.
It also got me thinking... how nice would it be to be through these late pregnancy stages, past labour and be taking home a lovely little baby? Well, I can dream.
Just had the 32 week midwife appointment and it looks like this baby is big. Freddie was 10lbs5, Harry induced early but still 8lbs6. So it isn't a surprise. I would rather not be induced again... my diet is good, blood sugar absolutely fine, I am active (couldn't help but be so with the boys).
I guess no point worrying about it all, I will keep you updated.


  1. Hope you are feeling better. Much respect for having a 10lb baby. i thought Sam was big at 9lb 13oz!! good luck for the rest of your pregnancy. x

  2. Hope you get some rest and are forced to take it easy! Take care xo