Tuesday, 6 October 2009

easy pea and ham soup

Well, 'genius' may be a little bit of a stretch, but I am feeling pretty clever. I made some fantastic pea soup. And it is so easy! Last night we had boiled gammon, and I used the stock. Along with lots of chopped veges - carrot, fresh sweetcorn, parsnip, onion, celery - and a couple of thick pieces of chopped gammon. Plus the celebrity ingredient, mushy peas! We always have some in the cupboard (note to self - re-stock cans) as Keith loves them with his fish and chips. Please try and ignore the bright colour... it is the brand I had to hand. There are others available which don't have colouring. (Mushy Peas for the uninitiated are marrowfat peas, cooked in the tin and the 'vegetable' of choice inthe UK with fish and chips)

For today's hearty, warming, tasty offering, I sauteed the veg, added the stock and then 3 tins of peas so it is nice and thick. Harry loves it, and the soup is perfect as we are experiencing a cold and wet change in the weather.

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