Friday, 30 October 2009

slime monsters

We are getting closer to Halloween... the skeleton is hanging on the door, (and the window.) The 'boo' bunting is out, the treats are bought... All ready for 22 children popping over tomorrow. All involved are bringing something, so I am hoping it will run as clockwork. I think a quick tea on blankets in the lounge, then some sort of treasure trail out the back, through the underpass and by the church. A piece of cake! Well, I always think that beforehand...

You may recognise the style of these goggle eyed monsters - we took the craft from this Usbourne book. The boys are loving anything slimy, spooky or ghosty. This book is perfect!

It involved splashing about some watered down green paint onto green thick paper and cutting it into a simple slime monster shape. Then making separate bloodshot eyes (just a dab of red paint in the middle of circles and then blown out with a straw), cutting them out and pasting all onto a one of the many cereal box cards I have accumulated. Freddie has added lots of spooky drawings inside his monster... have the ghosts been eaten??? Who knows?

(I have no idea why this pic has rotated itself, but can't seem to get it back!mmm)

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