Tuesday, 20 October 2009

NCT Nearly New Sale - Harpenden

Phew! It's almost done and dusted for another season...

There is a Spring and Autumn sale for our branch of the NCT. It involves a HUGE amount of stuff which is labelled up, brought in to the Harpenden Halls, sorted, sold and then leftovers sorted again and taken home.

I am somewhere in the middle of this all, and register and organise the sellers in three villages.

From the queues you can see how popular it is.

Lots of money is made for the NCT, lots of women are organised and empowered, and best of all, lots of things are re-used instead of wasted.

It is a great fun weekend, but a little exhausting. Just recovering, now... once again I have over extended myself and am suffering from a stinking cold.

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