Monday, 19 October 2009

kew gardens

Granny is here! Hurray!
We spent the day at Kew. There is so much to see and it took about an hour to drive there. If you are thinking of it, there is 20% off - up to 6 tickets - available via kew gardens online.

The treetop walk is spectacular... beautiful green parrots flitting around and wonderful views. Perhaps not quite as high as the one wandered by Elle Macpherson in Walpole, Western Australia!!
And there is a great indoor (nature related) play area with snapping venus flytraps, giant seed pods, tunnels and this challenging blossom...
We had the most glorious weather. Sunny, with a chill in the air and lots of crackling leaves to kick.
This afternoon, after school, we used our finds for some leaf prints. The idea is to turn them into Christmas trees, so we kept to a simple palette. Just coat the dryish leaves with green paint, and press down carefully. Granny showed Freddie how to do a reverse print. The next step is the add a Xmas star at the top and lots of glitter. The pinecone tips were painted and Harry wants to hang them on the Christams tree with cord.

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