Friday, 23 October 2009

harry george montgomery armstrong 1913 - 1992

I have just dropped some banana cupcakes to the Methodist Church in the village for their poppy appeal. I really hope they are ok... I usually make teeny ones in the pampered chef tin, these are normal, grown up size!

Anyway, the poppy appeal always brings back memories for me of my 'Poppy'. He was a really sweet grandparent, twinkling eyes, smart trimmed moustache, always gardening and offering us lollies (or sweets if you are from the UK)!

He fought in World War II and was interned in a German prisoner of war camp. I have heard stories of him being in charge of the cricket green for the competitive cricket matches and also the shows the prisoners put on. I remember his left foot, with its smallest toe removed due to frostbite. Once back in Western Australia he was granted one of the first farms in a scheme for the returned servicemen. My mum was one of four daughters who joined my uncle to be raised in Moora WA.

I wish I had a photo of Poppy to add to this post... when Mum gets home to Australia, I will ask her to send one across.

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