Friday, 16 October 2009

Harpers Shopping Day

What a lovely day, and well done to Amanda and co for all the organising. The stalls looked fabulous and there were lots of great products available. Once again, there was an interesting range, great for early Christmas presents.

I did get my capes ready on time. There are 3 left with a super 'S' on the back. And I have some blanks so please request an initial and a colour choice and I am happy to personalise.

I would have loved to have Harry modelling the cape again, but he is at nursery and childcare today.

I waited in vain for the phone to ring with all of those supply teaching offers!!??

I have been registered with a local agency for AGES but to be honest, they've been a bit crap. Doing supply in London was very different... I could pick and choose the days: if I'd had a big night out, I could sleep in and not worry. Oh well! Plenty to do around the house, sewing, cleaning, washing. (Not in that order, unfortunately).

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